B-Nutta (Freezer)

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The #SpicedNut has an exciting makeup including a blend of nut meals, a small amount of fishmeal, milk proteins, vegetable cereals, added amino acids, sweetener and yeasts, to this we add oils, active liquid foods and a mixture of real Spices, Oleo-resin and Essential Oil's
This you may already know, but here is what we have done with our wicked base mix. We have taken away the spices and now added our #Banoffee flavouring to add a whole new dimension to this proven bait to bring you the #BNutta
This bait was to be available for the Winter Months only as a Limited Addition to our already proven line of bottom baits, it proved so popular we have kept it on as one of 7 baits in our range. It has matching #Glug and mixed White #PopUps of 12 and 15mm. You can also find this bait in our Shelfies Range.

The B-Nutta #Glug, perfect for that extra level of attraction on those hook baits

Team Member Dave Wolstenholme with just two of 12 that feel to a bit of #BNutta along with some #SpicedNut


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