The French Connection

If there was any doubt that our baits may not be well received overseas, well look no further than this section on our website. This section showcases our baits to the max, outperforming even some of the top brands on waters that have seen just about every rig and every bait under the sun.
First a little trip down memory lane, which in tern takes us on to captures from 2017 into 2018 
Stewart D Hewitt again showing that even in really awful conditions perseverance pays off when he got his reward and target that he set himself......
Fishing #STENCH and tipping his hook baits off with #MILK #ONE#TIPPERS he got what he deserved

Mirrors of 30lb+, 32lb+ and then a pukka common of 42.10lb made his week!

Stew worked really hard for his fish and it was a real pleasure watching that 42 skip over the net cord

Well dangled mate! 


As has already been said the weather for our trip was pretty awful, the week before we got there they had some lovely weather, in fact, the day before we got their temps of 22degrees were being hit, we turn up....a drop of 12degrees down to 10! Sharp frosts, NE winds get the picture!

I opted to go into snags and straight from the off it was very clear to me that the fish simply were not in front of me, the water was crystal clear, not what I was hoping, I sat it out for the day and evening in hope something was about, I did manage 2 fish topped by a 38lb+ mirror, during the day and evening so many fish were crashing out in front of a couple of empty swims right round the other side of the lake that they just couldn't be ignored, I grabbed some essentials and headed round! By first light, I'd managed to nick 7 fish out! I did give it the rest of the day in the swim but felt the fish weren't really there as they were but holding up more in front of two swims that we're already occupied, a move back to my swim then was in order.
I managed another fish Monday, Monday evening I found a new spot and gave em about 5kilo of #MILK #ONE + #STENCH to see if I could make something happen, a slow take during the night with not too much of a battle until the deep margins, a big common popped its head up and into the net, I got Jonny round to help with the weighing as I knew it was a decent fish, the scales held at 50.12lb...a new PB buzzing!
Nothing else much happened that day.... when I woke the following morning it was clear the fish had moved and we're now in front of me more than they had been all week, over Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the fish did get on the munch and I managed around another 35 carp, Friday was a bit slower, I think they were on the move again!
I finished the week on 49, as you can see a good average overall.... 26.04 common
37.02 mirror 30.08 common 21.12 common 29 mirror 21 common 22.10 mirror 35 common 31 mirror 50.12 common 38 mirror 31 mirror 33 common 33.08 common 31 common 34.12 mirror 27 mirror 20.02 mirror 41.08 common 35.12 scaley one! 34 common 32.02 mirror 36.08 mirror 31.08 mirror 20 mirror 23 mirror 39.14 common 31 common 28 mirror 40.12 common 40.04 common
26.14 mirror 28.02 mirror 32.10 common 34 mirror 38.04 common 32.10 mirror 31.12 common 31.04 common 23.08 common 19.12 common 20.06 mirror 47.12 common 44.02 mirror 23.14 mirror 28.06 mirror 24.12 mirror 37.04 common 23 mirror

Throughout the week I used a total of 35kilos of a mix of #MILK #ONE + #STENCH pretty much all baits went out with 12mm #MILKY #TIPPERS on though which I just have so much confidence in!


Promo Man Chris Clare endured some pretty rough weather over in France including sleet, rain, sharp frosts and plenty of North East winds!

Taking 9 fish for the week topped by a stunning 40lb+ common made the trip worth while!

Chris fished a mix of baits including #SQUILBERRY #MILK and #STENCH

Top dangling mate on a tough week!

Jonny Hazel had a great first ever trip over to Dreamlakes, despite the cold, dank, miserable weather, he kept at it and his rewards did come in ..........

Fishing a mix of #C4 and #STENCH and tipping his baits off with 12mm #MILK #ONE #TIPPERS certainly doing the trick!

He managed fish of 42.08 mirror 41lb common, 39.14 common, 39.08 common
37.08 common as well as a few 20s thrown in for good measure too!

Well dangled mate!

Matt Wood joined an elite group of anglers while out at Dreamlakes with us when he slipped his net under the immaculate 50.03lb common!

The brute of a fish fell to a #SQUILBERRY #POPUP over #SC4 bottom baits, it certainly made what was a tough week so so much sweeter for him!

He did also manage another 20+mirror too

That move onto showing fish Matt well and truly paid off Matt!

Well done bud, welcome to the 50s club ??

Weeman Martin joined us over at Dreamlakes and showed that patience is a virtue, picking one of the shallowest swims on the lake which would have been a great move had the weather of been what we hoped for.......not in the cold conditions we had, but he kept at it and finally got his reward in the shape of this pukka 42.04lb common!

Caught on a 15mm orange #C4 pop up over a large bed of #STENCH, a scraper 30lb mirror was also "poached" during the week ??

Well dangled Weeman

Here's Gary Bowles and Oliver Bowthorpe both took a trip over to Dreamlakes

They managed two fish up to 37lb+ and worked bloody hard for those in very tough conditions at the time

Mixes of #MILK #ONE & #STENCH doing it for the lads

Well done guys

On May 12th, 2017 some of the team and friends went back to DreamLakes 1. Fish fell to #Stench #MilkOne #Squilberry and The #SpicedNut on test.

Below are the captures over the week, even some spawning never slowed some of the guys up. And starting it all off is Venus @72lbs

More Captures for 2017 Below


Captures for 2018

Our most resent captures from 2019 will appear our Gallery section on our FaceBook page as well as other captures from previous years