Our Wicked Main Flavours

As well as the baits listed below (our main baits) we also have specials and promo's that we do from time to time. These baits generally last for a few months before we remove them. They can also hang around for awhile due to customer feedback, which leads to them sticking around longer due to that popular demand.  There are 2 flavours that fall in this bracket at the moment and they are The Pink Perils and Maple Roast
 #TheSquilberry This bait is primarily on a fish meal base made with the finest fishmeals available but also with some fantastic milk powders and bird foods to help open up the bait and to aid digestion.
 #TheStench This is a fish meal bait made with the finest top quality fish meals available, massive attractor and food package since it's release it has accounted for 1000's of Carp.
 #TheSpicedNut Released in August 2017 this bait has an exciting makeup including a blend of nut meals, a small amount of fish meal, milk proteins, vegetable cereals, added amino acids, sweetener's and yeasts, to this we add oils, active liquid foods and a mixture of real Spices, Oleo-resin and Essential Oils.
 #Beast Released April 16th 2019 is a blend of 2 fish meals including LT94, Bird foods, Purified blood powder, Liver powder, Vegetable cereals, Milk proteins, Betain, Oils, Liquid liver, and last but by no means least some Spices and to round it all off we have given it a Spicy Frankfurter kick.

 #BNutta This bait was to be available for the Winter Months only as a Limited Addition to our already proven line of bottom baits. It however has proved so popular amongst our bait users it has been kept on. So if you see it featured on our reports both here and on FaceBook, well now you know why. It will also have matching #Glug and mixed White #PopUps of 12 and 15mm. You can also find this bait in our #Shelfies Range to

 #OceanPROTEINA blend of no less than 3 fish meals including squid meal, bird foods and milk powder, also including cereal meals, vitamins and minerals wheat derives and salmon hydro Fish proteins, oils, flavourings and black pepper oil. Released May 25th 2021

#The#Mozzi, Released in March 2024. This killer bait has an amazing mix of black soldier fly meal, krill meal, low temp fishmeal, high end milks, bird foods, cereal meals, spices, betain, sweeteners and a few other little goodies as well as lashings of liquid liver and krill

If you have further any questions at all regarding our baits, or you may have a larger bait amount in mind, here is how to contact us, Lee Moore @ email.bigfisher@gmail.com 
You can also message us via our FaceBook pages