Particle - Say no more

Particle baits are by far some of the the longest serving baits out there and some of the best dedicated carp baits of all time. Let's take the humble tin of sweetcorn for example, it has accounted for some of the biggest and most sought-after carp all across the U.K and of course Europe, where Corn and in fact Maize are pretty much a given when fishing over seas. And lets not forget Tiger Nuts, which have never really been that far behind and still allowed on a good many water's. Of course, there are now a plethora of particle baits to choose from and luckily for you we have some of the very best, ready to go, right here!

A fantastic way of adding good beds of bait with high levels of attraction for fish to root around in. You can add even more attraction if mixed with #Boilie #Crumb, #Liquids, #Oils, #StickMix or just fish over it as is.

A very cost effective way to bait up your swim.