Team Members@BigFishBaits

Owner - Lee Moore

First got into fishing over 30 years ago heading off to the local rivers trotting for roach and chub and anything that comes along, then as the years went on and my ability got better I then moved into the Norfolk match scene doing well at that too, even beating at the time 3 times world champion Bob Nudd in an open match! Then as my career moved on and I went on to have a family I could no longer commit fully to the match scene...into the big wide world of carp fishing I went.....17 years later I have managed many achievements in this time, I've had UK carp to 36lb (UK Pb), and French Pb as of 2019 is a Mirror at 53lbs called "Winter". My favoured way to fish is with a stiff hinged rig over a large spread of boilie's to get the carp moving about, due to my very busy family and work life I tend to not fish too much during the months of April and October so do most of my fishing over the winter months where venue choice really is key to success, speaking to so many anglers through our bait company I am privileged to a lot of information on local lakes at any given time so I use this fully to my advantage.....pays off a treat!. I do like to use the #MilkOne and #TheStench  or combinations of the two


 Chris Clare

I've been fishing since I could walk, covering the full spectrum of angling, beach fishing, rivers, ponds and fly fishing, but in the last 20 years it's all about the carp fishing, mostly north Norfolk day tickets but last couple of years have joined some syndicate lakes with some cracking results, I've been a part of the big fish baits for nearly 4 years and in that time have broken countless PB's of all species, including Mirrors to over 30lb, Commons over 40lb, Barbel to 8lb, 3 Tench over 11lb and lastly 12lb+ bream. Nearly all of these have fallen to my no1 bait #TheStench and would have total confidence in taking it to any venue, home or abroad. UK-PB Mirror 37lb.10, UK-PB Common 44lb, French PB 40


Michael Peake

Well since joining the Team, my PB’s have only kept on increasing! My UK PB’s currently stand at Mirror – 40lb 2ozs and Common 35lb. My Overseas PB’s are Mirror – 49lb 10zs and Common 47lb.  My favorite Big Fish Bait is still #TheStench combined with #TheRedStench. When fishing Michael is generally in and around margins and casting to over hanging trees and places where Carp rest up or take cover during the day. He like's to try and get out at least once a week where possible, because as with most of our team members life tends to get in the way of fishing.



 Matt Wood

Current UK-PB 27 Current French PB 50.03. Favourite lake Layfeilds syndicate Favourite baits are #SC4 and #TheSquilberry. Favourite style of fishing must be when you have to work to locate the fish and then when it all comes together and you get that bite you know it's all worth it. Favourite rig stiff hinge using a White Squilberry pop up


Cliff Fiske

Been fishing since I was a small kid and carp fishing for over 35 years. Cliff likes to just get out there behind the rods whether on a hard syndicate water or a day ticket for a little social. Cliff is a family so fishing is very limited to a couple of times a month. UK-PB 40.13 Mirror (2021) abroad 60+. The #MilkOne and #TheStench are the baits that are working for me right now, fished over the top with matching pop-ups


Billy Fisher

Began carping back in 2012 after a long gap from fishing. I prefer to stay on quieter waters with scaly fish and smaller crowds. Current PB's are the Scaly One at 29lb and the Silver Common at 26.02lb. Will happily pick up any of the baits in the range and use them, but my preference overall has got to be #TheStench in warmer conditions and #C4 in colder ones was a brilliant bait. I would say that the #SC4 hook baits were undeniably the best hook bait in the range I have been using more #Glugs #Liquids and #Oils along side our newest addition #Beast to great effect.


Matthew Roberts

Matthew is a real character who's passion is clear. I like waters with plenty of character old snaggy homes for dark gems I'd rather have a stunning black scaley 20 than a pasty ugly 40. Current UK-PB is 33.12, France 47.7, Cat 69.2, Sturgeon 79.4. Since starting 11 years ago I have never not used any excuses to get the rods out. I started using #BigFishBaits 4 years ago with #C4  nailing fish from the the start and progressively testing all the current baits that there now are, with great success. Every new bait starts a new chapter on my fishing, so bring on the future.


Matt Witte

I started fishing when I was 6. My current UK PB is a 30.9 common. I fish often to snags when safe and catch a lot of fish from those types of hard to reach places. I go fishing as much as possible but being a family man they come first, so its once or or even maybe twice a month if I get the chance. I also like to  organize socials and take part in the odd match from time to time. I have been using and had a lot of success on the  #MilkOne and I'm looking forward to trying out the other baits in the #BigFishBaits armoury, including the new #SpicedNut when the chance arises

Luke Roberts

I got back into carp fishing about 4 years ago having not really done any since I was a kid, and then it was manly river fishing. I love the challenge of trying to outwit specimen carp. I normally fish day ticket waters but have now got a couple of syndicates to fish. I'm trying to tick off the named fish and improve my PB along the way. I like fishing lakes with lots of trees, lilies, weeds and snags etc. Luke has already been using #BigFishBaits for some time and has been using the #TheStench and  #TheSquilberry to great effect. He has also been trying out the  #MilkOne along our fish meal baits and has expressed an interest in having a go with the #SpicedNut. His current U.K PB is a 40lb.4oz Mirror (2020) and 30lb.4oz Common


Paul Parden

Paul like most anglers has a busy home life so fishing can be limited, but he enjoys getting out as and when he can. He has enjoyed fishing from an early age, but started fishing around his mid teens for those much loved Carp and he has been ever since. After a break of about 7 years Paul decided he would get the rods out again and his passion for Carp fishing was reignited. He loves all aspects of the sport, the quite times and times with friends that are filled with plenty of bank side banter. Paul has always liked a good fish meal, but he loves the #MilkOne which he has used to great effect over the past 2 years or so, it's his main Winter bait. He has plans for Our NEW #Beast in 2019 which he hopes will bring about a new PB which currently stands at 22lb.2oz.

Update 2022: Paul now pours Carp Leads under the name of Donk Leads. He also got his New PB in June of 2022 which now stands at 25.4. For more info on Paul's ever growing lead availability click on either of his pictures below or check out his page on this site DONK LEADS in the main menu.