Beast (Freezer)

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#Beast Released April 16th 2019

Click on the picture above to check out our #MilkOne 
The #Beast  has been tested from Jan 2018 and even from the off we knew that this bait was going to be an outstanding addition to our well established range.

Owner Lee Moore and below Consultants Chris Clare and Matthew Roberts

We started keeping a log of the captures from May and in a short space of time it has already accounted for some 277+ fish up to 36lbs (see our end of month Catch Reports for up to date figures). These are produced at the end of each month giving details on all our baits, including this one, which is being used by members of our team on a multitude of different waters, including river systems to.

Team Member Karl Chapman with another #Beast  capture

The #Beast is made up of the following
A blend of 2 fishmeals including LT94
Bird foods, Purified blood powder, Liver powder, Vegetable cereals, Milk proteins, Betain, Oils, Liquid liver and last but by no means least some 
Spices and to round it all off we have given it a Spicy Frankfurter kick.
Both Freezer and Shelf Life will be available in 15mm and 18mm
This bait will also be available with matching Pop-Ups, Wafters, Glugs and Pellet.