Stench (Freezer)

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Stench getting the reaction you want over a baited area 

 #TheStench This is a fish meal bait made with the finest top quality fish meals available, massive attractor and food package since it's release it has accounted for 1000's of carp including at least 20 different 40lb carp and 2 50's! With its fish pulling power, this baits keeps going from strength to strength

 #TheStench includes fish meal such as LT94, sardine and anchovy and also CP70, to this we add an incredible blue cheese powder as well as a few extra items. To help round this bait off we add some fantastic fish oils and pure krill liquid as well as some of the best liquid foods we can find. This is a bait carp simply can't ignore throughout the year, but even more so in the warmer months.

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Owner Lee Moore with some outstanding fish that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the amount of fish he has the good fortune to catch on his bait's, both here and abroad #TheStench and #MilkOne perform well on their own, but a lot of our customers double them up as a 50/50 tag team, either by switching bottom baits and loose feeding with both or crushing them up into a mix and fishing snowman set-ups over the top. Whatever way they fish it the results speak for themselves.

Lee's pb (at the time, since beaten) a rather stunning 50lb 12oz's of Gold