The Mozzi (Freezer)

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NEW for 2024
We have reached that time once again where we can now bring you a brand new addition to the Big Fish Baits line up.
And like the other baits that have come before it, The Mozzi has already proved itself to be a sure fire hit with our customers


.This bait has been 3 years in the making to tweak and perfected along the way and we have to say we're extremely happy with how it's progressed to what we now have as a finished product
This killer bait has an amazing mix of black soldier fly meal, krill meal, low temp fishmeal, high end milks, bird foods, cereal meals, spices, betain, sweeteners and a few other little goodies as well as lashings of liquid liver and krill.... The ultimate combo!
What you'll notice from bait as soon as you open the bag or take the lid off a pot of
hook baits the spice blend hits you and it quite frankly just screams carp.