The Shelf Life Range (Stabilised)

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Once again we have listened to our customers and brought you what you have asked for Shelfies, which we released in 2018
Not everyone has the freezer space for their bait to remain fresh and in tip top condition, so for some a shelf life option is the only way to go. But don't think for a minute that these are no less a catcher of Carp than our freezer baits, because they are far from that. We have been using the baits for sometime now as a stand alone bait on venues that our freezer baits have already been used on for years and the Carp respond to the Shelfies just the same.

All our main flavours are available in Shelf Life

Team Member Garrie Lee Fowler with a pristine Common on the #SpicedNut #Shelfies, matching pop-ups pictured (Below)

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All the ingredients you would expect to find in our Freezer Baits you will also find in our Shelfies, with the inclusion of a very low level of preservative which slows the bait turning or going off, which of course makes them popular with anglers doing longer sessions both here and abroad who may not have access to some form of refrigeration.

Owner Lee Moore having a few during testing of the #Shelfies 
Even with the introduction of a preservative we would still recommend that bags are re-sealed and baits are kept in cool areas away from direct sunlight, during your fishing and when stored away at home, ready for your next trip.
Our Shelfies can also be used in conjunction with our Bait Boosters, Glugs, Oils and Liquids