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Over the past few years, we have moved back and forth with colour and size of our pop-ups. We are now happy with our range and find that these sizes and colours work the best from all our field testing. So with that in mind all our pop ups come in two sizes, 12 and 15mm and in mixed pots of colours, those being Yellow, White and 

NEW for 2018 we have now brought out our "Match the Hatch" Cork Dust Pop-Ups in all our current range of bait flavours. A brilliant and less blatant way of presenting a matching pop-up to spooky Carp. These Cork Dust Pop Ups have the same matching colour and smell as our bottom baits so remove the hassle of drilling and adding cork inserts.  

All the pop-ups are made from 100% pop-up mix and are super buoyant. They also have high levels of attraction as you would expect.

The 15mm White - Crab and Shellfish Pop-up - #StenchXS

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                                                The Stench with its Yellow matching pop-up