Bait Flavour Matched Pellet

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We spent a long time researching this one to ensure we had not the best pellet for us but the best pellet for the carp. We have settled on a pellet that is much higher in protein and lower in oil than your bog-standard pellet and with this in mind, we have meticulously infused the pellet with all the same attractor and feed simulators that you'll find in our range of bottom baits. This way they match perfectly, making including these pellets into your baiting strategy a great tactic.

Owner Lee Moore put his spin on our pellets during testing. Fished with a mix of particle mix, our pellets with some crushed and crumbed #MilkOne as well as #SpicedNut.

But not only do we have our pre-flavoured pellets, but you have the added bonus of plain pellets too. You can add our or your own flavours to them as they are essentially a blank canvas, which opens up so many possibility's.

A little bit of everything adds to the attraction of a stick as well as our 2mm #Pellet. Crumbed #Beast, #Squilberry, a few caps of #Squilberry Glug and #Salmon Oil  

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Above is our newest size 2mm pellet which became available from the 1st of October 2018 

Break downtime may vary according to water temperature and size if not broken up slightly in a crusher. If used as-is we would say an hour or less and around 30 to 40 minutes for the 2mm

Team Member Cliff Fiske has put The Pellet (#MilkOne) and Liquids (#Liver) to very good use through January 2018, when temps were at the lowest. 

One of two for Team Member Dean Addison who went with a similar approach, #MilkOne Pellet soaked in one of our NEW Liquids:#Liver  

Team Member Billy Fisher using a good few of our Products like the #CSL #Liver and #MilkOne Pellet