Ocean-Protein (Freezer)

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This one has been a good three years in the making and now it's finally here, the #OceanPROTEIN, #OP #OceanPRO.
A blend of no less than 3 fishmeals including squid meal, we added CLO Sluis which gives the the bait a rich red colour, milk powder, we also included cereal meals, vitamins and minerals wheat derives and salmon hydro Fish proteins, oils, flavourings and black pepper oil.
During testing, it was apparent that this was going to be another all-year-round bait, with captures coming through the year, from early January right up to mid-November on all manner of different types of water, from day ticket to syndicate.
We know that this will be another well-received addition to our range

The #OP wafters are all NEW for 2021 

Team Member Matt Witte (above) with an absolute pearler from the renowned Berners Hall Fishery, Ongar, caught late October 2020 on the #OceanPRO  

And another awesome catch from Team Member Luke Roberts with these stunners that took a liking to a double #OceanPRO presented bottom bait from the freezer range. Things are a little warmer now as we are now in mid-May 2020.

And another from the #OceanPRO this time from Team Member Michael Peake who had this corker back in October 2019 well before we even had the name

And finally just some of the fish caught by Lee himself after he decided to revisit this flavour he was playing around with some time back and as they say, the rest is history. Top is a U.K PB going 37.4 from September 2018 and below that is a French PB coming in at a very pleasing 53lbs from May 2019. As you can see #OceanPRO has been around for a while 

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