Maple Roast (Freezer)

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So here is the NEW Winter Promo Bait for 2023/4 
As a good many of you know by now, it has become almost customary to have a special bait over the Winter period, followed by a Spring release in the following year. 
Last year it was the Pink Perils that took you all by storm and this year we have put together some classic flavours and put them all in the Maple Roast.
The Maple Roast is once again very different to our other baits, Tiger Nut Meal, Milks, CLO, Cereal Meals, crushed hemp, Sweeteners, our ever popular Roasted Nut Liquid, Scopex and super sweet Maple flavour makes this bait extremely attractive to the carp!
As per the norm we offer these bottom baits in 15 and 18mm in both freezer and shelf life, or as it is known now, stabilised. 
We have a few extras of course to compliment your bait presentations with wafters and pop-ups. And if you want to add even more attraction to your mixes or the baits themselves we have a super sweet sticky glug to pour into your bait bucket. 
No one put the baits through their paces more than consultant Matthew Roberts (Chef).
He has had a good many fish on Maple Roast of late and we are sure there will be plenty more. As a point of interest, Chef has now started up his own business called "BankMunch" -  Urban Catering.
If you want to know more, then click on the picture (above) and prepare to have your eyeballs tantalised by chefs bank side cooking skills. 
Above: The man himself, Lee Moore, who also has a habit of getting into some absolute corkers. Lee as ever putting his money where his mouth is, or to be more precise his baits where the fish live. You can't have faith in it, unless your happy to have it in your bag on your most recent trip out.