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Well, they say every little helps, so how's this for a helping hand?

We have put together this great little bait package that ticks all the boxes for short and long-stay sessions. Not only are you getting one of our fantastic baits, but all the added extras you will need whilst on the bank.

The Bait Package contains the following.

  • 5kg of any of the main baits (currently available)
  • 5kg of our Hemp and Maize Mix
  • A Tub of Pop-Ups
  • A Tub of Wafters
  • A Bottle of Glug       

Now, whilst we can't change the Hemp and Maize Mix part of this bait package, we can however still give you a few options when it comes to the bait itself.

We are still going to give you the 50/50 option. If your not familiar, we basically give you the opportunity to have 2.5kg of one bait and 2.5kg of another bait, which makes up your 5kg or of course you can stick with one flavour if you wish. Please note however we can only do this in either frozen or shelfies, not a combination of both. 

And finally, you can Mix and Match your Pop-Ups and Wafters too. We do have a varied selection, including our Match the Hatch Cork Dust Pop-Ups, so it might be worthwhile to have a look at the Pop-Ups in the "Bait Xtras" section just to get an idea of what we have in which flavours. When you have an idea of what you want just let us know in the "Note to Seller Section" prior to checkout. 


This is very important (if we don't hear from you regarding any requirements) we will send you the bait package with all of its accompaniments matching the bait you selected.