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Fish-PRO Hydrolysed Fish Protein is a fantastic liquid addition to any bait/feed formulation, the high response of both Olfactory & Gustatory ensures the necessary stimulation from all types of fish particularly Cyprinids. Through Ionisation in water, free-form Amino Acid molecules in this liquid are readily detected by fish. An absolutely key part of my own angling!
Hydro Wheat Similar to the Active CSL but based on steeped wheat fractions, some anglers rate this product better than CSL. Hydro Wheat has a much higher sugar/carbohydrate content, hence higher enzyme activity in this liquid, can be added to particle/stick mix/boilies. Due to the very dense nature of this product, anglers are known to pour it neat into the water and use it as a bottom feed catalyst.
Liver hydrolysate is very versatile, being suitable for use with pellets, particles, spod, stick, method and boilie mixes and adds an almost sweet-meat, 'cat food' type aroma to baits when applied at high levels or used as a neat bait soak
NB The 3-pack option in the drop-down menu is for 1 of each flavour only at this time

Above: Just 3 of the 12 fish caught in sub-zero conditions for Consultant Chris Clare whilst in France at the DreamCatcher Complex. Using two of our NEW Pellets #SpicedNut and #MilkOne as well as our Liquid Liver, CSL and one from our Bait Oils Range:Hemp 

And Team Member Stuart Petty tried something a little different when he Gluged up a #SpicedNut Bait in our Liquid:CSL
Shake well before use and keep somewhere cool and away from direct sunlight during use and when not being used.

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