Advanced Bait Booster

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 This product is in no way similar to our Glugs and is a product in its own right. These Booster Shots are pure flavours with added feed stimulants. It is also highly concentrated and will easily coat a standard glug pot of bait with just a quick squirt of #BaitBooster

A simple and easy way to add that extra bit of attraction to your hook baits. Add it to your bottom baits, pop-ups, crumb or particle or you can even mix it up and add two different flavours together and create a flavour of your own.

Our booster is a potent liquid that smells great, gives our bait, even more, taste and boosts its food signal. It contains the same flavour package we use in the making of our hook baits.

For the best results, just like our glugs, place some baits in a glug pot from the freezer, then add a couple of quick squirts to baits and then shake the pot for a few minutes ensuring the baits are fully coated and leave in your bait bag ready for your session.