About Us

Welcome to Big Fish Baits 

I have been making my own baits since around 2010 and it didn't take long for friends to get on board and start using the bait I was making for myself. As the time past and we shared our success through social media the following grew and before we knew it we had a small group of anglers that were using our baits and even more wanting to try them too. I started to roll on a larger scale from around 2014 and Big Fish Baits was born and it has kept on growing to what it is today. We have a crew of like-minded anglers on board that help test our product, as well as consultants and promo team members who all have different methods and approaches to their fishing, which in turn gives us a great proving ground for our baits. 
Lee Moore 

Good for Carp, Great for you

We understand that proper nutrition for carp is very important for its longevity and vitality. Also, understanding the nutritional requirements for carp can help increase catch rates.
All of our baits have been designed to give the carp what they need and require throughout the year in terms of nutrition and dietary requirements, all ingredients used have been carefully selected to stimulate the carp into feeding and to keep coming back for more. Our baits have helped break countless PB's for people as well as totally dominating some local fisheries in and around the Norfolk area; this isn't just what we believe
We know it to be a fact
Owner of Big Fish Baits: Lee Moore with a 50+ from Dream Lakes France
 Our Freezer and Shelf Life Range have all proven themselves to catch Carp both here and overseas
All the baits have various accompaniments with matching flavours
So thank you for taking the time to drop into our site and we hope if you haven't already, you might take a look at our baits that we have on offer as well as a few other items
So for now from everyone here at Big Fish Baits we would like to wish you tight lines and we look forward to being of some service to you in the not too distant  future
Lee Moore  email.bigfisher@gmail.com