You Just Can't Stop Him

#UNSTOPPABLE #CONSULTANT Chris Clare is on an amazing roll and simply can't do no wrong it seems at the moment, I knew he'd had something special when I received the text "I f***king love you and your bait" we're a close team but didn't realise quite how he felt 😂😂

Anyway, Chris takes it from here......

A couple of years ago I saw a pic of one of the most awesome looking carp in Norfolk, ever since that day I have dreamed of catching it and yesterday I finally did😊, along with another one of the lakes real gems, both at 25lb+ and a 16lber as well! Words can not describe how happy I was once I realised I had had it, and to make it even better I managed to share the capture with Stewart D Hewitt who popped down for a cuppa at just the right time😉 cheers for the brill pics buddy, as ever my ever Faithfull #yellowstenchpopups doing the business yet again

Simply awesome bud!