Website Update News

From around October the 14th 2017 we stopped posting our catch reports here as we were putting the information out on no less than 3 media outlets. We decided that from next year 2018, we would add a link to one of our two FaceBook pages on the Gallery pictures and if you required any additional information surrounding that catch, you could just click on the picture and it would open a new window in your browser so you can get the full run down on that catch. We will still however post on our Catch section from time to time about products and notable catches. Last year we finished up with no less than some 1,037 fish caught from Jan 3rd to December 31st, in fact it was closer to 1,042 as we had a few late entries from the Christmas period, so it was a very good year all told. We have new products coming, we will put a blog up about that nearer the time, so keep them peeled. Thank you for your continued support and if you want to keep up to speed on our catches check out The Gallery .

Team BigFishBaits