Waiting is Such a Long Tme

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#PROMO #TEAM #MEMBER Dean Addison got out recently and had one of those sessions that don't happen to often on his syndicate, here's what Dean had to tell us.....

Just back from a 2nighter got to the lake about 8pm Fri to find a good breeze blowing down the lake so moved into a little swim flicked a couple of rod out in the margins and settled down for the night was awake before it started to get light but could see no signs of fish but at the back of the wind in the shallower water so at 10am I was off up there after Neil had packed an gone home the first 12hours were uneventful except for the wedding in the castle behind me oh and the firework !! So at 2.30am Sunday I had a 17+mirror I was off the mark cup of coffee and back in the bag hour half later I then had the ghost common at 24.15 then what happen in the next couple of hour blow me away at about 7am ish I had a couple of bleeps on the right had rod then a one toner after a bout 20 mins I saw the fish roll and I knew which carp it was BOOM big Lin the biggest of a the A team when I finally she slipped I've the cord I put the net down stepped back and said to my self f@@k me I done it I caught after 5 year since I last caught her.got me mate to come round for weighing and photos 35lb+ buzzing but then while we were having a cuppa an chat the same rod of again this time red spot mirror at 27lb+ back home now and still buzzing 24hours later all fish were caught on #squillberry bottom bait out the bag dipped in sc4 liquid
With a good scattering of 10mm #milkone and a mix #stench #squillberry 15mm

Very well dangled bud!