There's Alway's Moore Time

You would think that given Lee is a father, working full time and rolling bait for his own business, that he could even find the time to get out on a piece of water somewhere and enjoy a few hours to himself. Well, he did just that earlier this week for a quick overnighter, the man himself picks up the story from here.

I found a couple of fish in tight to some margin reeds quite quickly, stiff hinged rig went out and within half hour it was away, disaster soon struck though as the hook pulled! Gutted 😠😠

I had to wait till first light however for my next take off one of my other rods and after a proper run around I safely guided this gnarly old look ghosty into the net! 25.06lb too which was a nice result

#SQUILBERRY crushed and crumbled bottom baits with a #squilberry snowman sitting nicely over time top doing the trick 😉

There you go, Lee Moore making the most of his precious time out on his favourite water...... Well in Boss, as always.