The One That Didn't Get Away

#Promo #Team #Member Garrie Lee Fowler has kicked off his 2017 season in fine style when he got out for a quick day session yesterday, Garrie takes over from here 😉

Had a quick look at the lake and my decision was made when two fish topped in my favourite corner. But after 2 hours and spotting more crashing just feet off the same bank I moved up four swims. The fish crashed again as I was putting on a PVA Bag with a mix of #MilkOne and #Stench with a #TropicalMilk Bottom Bait. After what seemed like forever and a day the rod was off, but I lost that one to a whole rig giving up the ghost. The wind continued to push hard onto my bank and the rolling and jumping had stopped, at just before 4 O'Clock the same rod was away again and this time no rig malfunctions, 27lb 4oz of Winters Common was in the net. My first proper outing with no lids on lakes was done and what a great start to the season.