The Fish List

OK, we have so many reports coming in now that is hard to post them separately as we do on our main #BigFishBaits page, so here's a quick round-up catch up for those who haven't seen what's been out over the past few days

Nathan Carper John took a trip over to Coston Day Ticket Lake, first time out on the #SQUILBERRY and managed to winkle this common out on his very first trip to the fishery.

John Warmok managed a real stunner of a Koi and a cracking Common on his trusty Stench and Squilberry combo. Everyone has their own little touches and this one certainly paid off for John.  ..... nicely done :)

Liam Crow not only broke his PB once but twice in the same session recently, that was made even sweeter by the fact he nailed two 30lb+ (30.06 + 31) commons in the same session!

Fishing milky pop-ups over a good spread of #MILK #ONE it certainly did the trick, unfortunately, Liam was on his own for the first fish so a mat shot was best he could manage but luckily help was on hand for the second!

And it's a welcome return to John Conlin, who went out a few weeks back and bagged himself his first Carp on his first time out on the Stench. And here is again all smiles, just as it should be when your bait is producing what your going out to catch .... well in John.... keep it up