Testing, Testing, 1,2 ,1,2 #SpicedNut Capture

The anticipation for this bait is fast becoming tangible, you can almost taste it. But as the saying goes. "All good things come to those who wait" and we don't want anything going out that we are not happy with. It goes without saying that the #SpicedNut is doing what we want it to do and that's catch fish and testing it across a wide range of waters helps build a picture of what this bait can do.

It would be crazy to just chuck this bait into a highly prolific venue and then claim it catches fish, when in truth you could throw a unbaited hook in there and catch. The #SpicedNut like it's predecessors has visited waters overseas and came up trumps there and French Carp see it all, as do English Carp, but France is alway's a good start to gauge how a bait is going to be received. So here we are putting #SpicedNut through its paces on well known Day Ticket waters, Club Waters, Syndicates, Low Stocked Ponds and as with the whole range, it's coming up trumps. So stick with us on this one, we know that this one is going to be a winner.

And so the roll continues for #CONSULTANT Chris Clare

Here's a little snippet from the man himself....

After a couple of biteless nights, a 4am alarm was set , with the gear packed down and a twenty minute treck to the other end of the lake ahead of me I hoped I'd made the right decision, my answer came as I got the the new swim and watched a couple of fish bosh out near an island, out went a couple of the new #bigfishbaits #spicednut popups and 20 baits in the area, 20 mins later this chunky 24.8 common took a liking to the yellow one, fish number 3😃



Well dangled mate 😉