#TEAM #MEMBER Matt Wood braved the freezing conditions just after Xmas and got his rewards, here's Matt's report in his own words 😉

After turning up at the lake as it was getting dark and temperatures dropping I spent my first night in a swim I thought the fish may be and it turned out they were not and had a very quite night. So first thing in the morning I packed up and made a move to where I had a very good idea the fish would be and not too long after getting the rods out I had the first one on the bank. Shortly after the first my other rod went and I had number 2 and was on for a good session however it slowed up and went quite although with the odd liner I was convinced they were still there. The night fell and it was a very quite one mainly because my wheels on my alarms kept freezing so I had to use a tiny bit of de-icer from the car to gently coat the wheels which sorted the freezing problem. First light came and my mates rod screemed into action and we was set to save a blank which was more than he deserved! While he was playing the fish I knew there was a chance my left rod would go as we were fishing the same spot using the same #match #the #hatch #milk #pop #ups fished over a bed of #maple #milk and some particle, before he got the fish in the net my left rod did indeed screem off and we were both playing a fish and was ecstatic when both fish hit the back of the nets. After this it went pretty quite and unfortunately I had to leave however was a very good session considering high pressures and freezing temperatures. #milkone #maplemilk

Very well dangled bud!