Stepping Out of the Dark into the Light

Stepping Out of the Dark into the Light

Once again we find ourselves reporting on one of those "Oh my god moments". But it's not an OMG moment for us, we know what our baits are capable of, but more for the person behind the rods. When things aren't going to plan you have to rethink and redo and sometimes that means a change of bait and that can be harder than you think, but it's a leap of faith and when that leap pay's off, well, there's your moment, right there. 

Dan Roberts has been fishing an extremely low stocked local water to him over in Gloucestershire, his last bite, in fact came last August! 
A few messages back and forth a couple of weeks ago and some #MILK#ONE was on it's way to him 😉

Imagine just how chuffed Dan was when he finally slipped his net under his first fish in all that time! Not a monster at mid double but boy does this fish mean something to him

Huge Congratulations Dan.