Seeing Red

STENCH RED!!!! After receiving the stench red a few months ago, I decided to bide my time with it. And spent six weeks twice a week just filtering around 20 or 30 boilies into a corner of the lake I know people don't fish, I didn't want to rush it and blow it all in one or two sessions. So whilst I would continue to fish as normal, I would always chuck a couple of handfuls of the red stench in there as I left. It took some will power to keep it of the hook for so long, but this was the weekend I decided to give it ago. So I put 2 roads on stench red topped off with small pieces of fake corn, one tight up against an over hanging willow and another a bit further out and I threw in two handfuls of stench red, around one and a stringer with six boilies on the other. I sat and waited. Confident one was gonna scream off. I avoided putting any particles in (my preferred method). And just relied solely on my red hookbait and pre-baiting technique. Then boom, half 8 Sat morning. After a fifteen wrestle, I slipped my net under this gorgeous autumn coloured 28lb 4oz Leather Carp.