Rod's Get Bent During Social@Trent

Rod's Get Bent During Social@Trent

You can never tell how a trip out will go, be it on your own or with a group of mates. The Trent Social was no different. High winds and rain pretty much saw one end of the lake getting hammered, whilst those on the back of it were out of harm's way, in a manner of speaking. You will hear it said on some occasions that "If your not where the fish are, you'll be hard pushed for a run" and this, of course, is very true, as fish are not moving around as much as they would in the warmer months, so if your where they are it's really only a matter of time.

So below we have in order Chris Clare - Lee Moore  and Jonny Hazel

Using different baiting methods and different ways of presenting their baits these 3 guys got into the fish. #MilkOne #Stench #C4 and #StenchXS all played their part during this Big Fish Baits Social as did the anglers presentation and work to get the fish onto their bait. Let's not forget that conditions were less than perfect, but again if you're on the fish, even as deep as 18ft, the fish will find and home in on an unmistakable food source.

Brilliant angling, awesome bait, #LetTheBaitDoTheTalking - And just on a side note the picture at the bottom is the landing net belonging to Chris Clare, he had a triple take, yes that's right 3 fish in one hit. Unfortunately he lost one whilst transferring the fish into slings, but even so, you can't forget things like that in a hurry. 

Well done lads ........ #TeamBFB