Old PB eclipsed by Moon

Levy Moon looks very happy with his latest capture over at Coston Day Ticket Lake and it's great when we get all the details, here's the story.....

well what can i say apart from another successfull trip to coston on #bigfishbaits !!! 2 fish landed and 2 hook pulls. First fish i hooked went off like a rocket and from 17 wraps out it hit the margin to my left in seconds then started to head back out nodded head and the result was a fish getting off the hook. My second bite was a landed fish off my close in rod with a new pb of 24lb on the dot a lovely looking common/ghost carp next bite resulted in another hook pull for the rod at distance so i checked my hook again and still sharp ??? at this point i changed the rig which id like to say was a fresh rig and made 2 days before the trip so i was unsure why i was loosing fish??? once changed i recasted the rod back to the spot i lost 2 fish on which ended up working well as i later got another bite and landed my second fish and last fish of my 24 hour trip. A nice mirror weighing in at 15lb 5oz. id like to say a thanks to Lee Moore for the bait and also the helpfull info he posted a while back aswell cheers

Well dangled bud