Nothing Wee about these Man - DreamLakes #SpicedNut #MilkOne

He was the first to bank a fish within minutes of casting out during our trip in May and now he has returned to the same venue to take on a different lake, but the results have remained the same.

So Weeman Martin has just returned from another week over in France and not one for sitting around waiting for things to happen he moved no less than 3 times to get on the fish.

We often state, the bait, the rigs and presentation count for nothing if your not where the fish are and just jumping into the nearest swim to wait for days ain't the way to go.
So Weeman's approach has paid of yet again and he was rewarded with fish of 53lb+ five +40's and five +30's included a 33lb+ grass carp as well as a couple of +20's
A good spread of #MilkOne and #SpicedNut hook baits doing the trick!

#LETTHEBAITDOTHETALKING ...... It's shouting at the top of it's voice on this session

Well dangled mate!
You certainly have a knack of finding those 50+ now 😉