Moore or Less, Definitely Moore #SpicedNut

I've said it before and I'll say it again, time is precious so what time you have you need to make the most of and Owner of BFB's Lee Moore wasn't going to let anytime slip through his fingers. or fish come to think of it.

Here is what Lee had to say about his last visit out on the bank and what a productive one is was to.

Due to car problems and just generally being too busy my normal quick Friday night was a no go this week however a quick one Saturday night was on the cards instead 😉😉😁😁

On arriving at the lake I was pretty surprised to see no others cars in the car park.....result!

A lap of the lake and soon found a few fish milling about so swim choice was pretty easy.

To cut a long story short these 8 kept me busy and couldn't get enough of the #spiced #nut, I even jazzed things up a little and fished one rod with a #MILK #ONE pop up and the other on the #SPICED #NUT pop up.

They certainly kept me busy and plenty of practice for the self takes too 😉😉

Well there you have it, not long to wait now for the bait that is really showing itself to be a real contender on so many different waters now. But let's not forget, as Lee has shown, putting it in the right place from the off is so the way to go...... Well in Boss, smash and grab at it's best :)