May was pretty Much a Wash Out too, but we are Back On Track

It's been 49 day's since the restrictions were lifted and once again we could all get out and begin to enjoy our fishing. It wasn't easy of course, a whole new set of rules were laid out to insure anglers and fishery staff safety and because of people not being able to go to work in most instances, venues were and still are very busy.

Lee has been inundated with bait orders, which you would expect, but as much as bait demand is up, those going overseas were not as prevalent as with past seasons. So as much as this month has had it's ups and downs, it pretty much reflects everything that has happened in 2020 as a whole.

I started keeping track of captures each month from 2017 and for Jan, Feb of 2020 catches were well and truly up from previous years, in fact had we gone to the end of March and not been housebound from the 23rd we would have done O.K there to. As it was we beat 2017 and 2019 and caught a little over half of 2019 number with a rather impressive 65.

April 2020 was a right off and even with pretty much only half of May left to us we still managed a rather nice 71 captures passing the lowest figure from 2017 that being 48.

So back to June and again taking everything into account 108 captures isn't bad at all.
86 fish from mid to high doubles up to 19.17 with plenty of fish from a good 15lb up
We also reported on 20 20's which included 2 fish up to 27.11 which was a new Pb for our very own Stuart Petty and there was also another Pb for young Jake Funnell
And lastly we had 3 30's from Steven Burgess, Bob Sneddon and that big ghosty from Coston giving Wayne Williamson his Pb and the 6th Pb recorded so far this year.

The big hitters for this month bait wise have been #Beast, #BeastandStench #BNutta, the #CustomWafters and a few fish falling to the #OceanPRO. Of course these are just based on the baits being used by your good selves at any given time through the year.

So once again thank you one and all for your continued support and understanding through this unprecedented time.
Lets see what July brings

From everyone at BigFishBaits, keep safe and tight lines