Keeping to the Average

#TEAM #MEMBER Garrie Lee Fowler got out for another day session last week and again kept the momentum going on which is becoming a good year already 😉

Here's what Garrie had to say.....

Once again I got myself down to Winters Lake. Had a chat with a young lad called David, who had 24 hr'd it there, but had no joy. He did, however, say that they had been jumping in the far North East corner. I started there, but after three and three-quarter hours I was getting itchy feet and moved. I set up side on to a S-SW wind that blew across my rods from left to right, I was now in the swim where I took the 20.2 last week, so I knew my spots. I was getting bangs on the line and a whole manner of strange lifts, 2 of which I hit, but there was nothing on the other end. At 3.45 off goes the right rod, a proper take and a chunky little monkey mirror was in the net, 18lb's on the money. #MilkOne and #Stench, crushed in a stick, single #Tropical bottom bait, the winning combo yet again .... side note it was the only fish out all day, so well happy about that too.

Well dangled bud!