July Round-Up 25th to 31st

We have already posted all the captures across these two dates on both of our FaceBook Pages and all the pictures can be found in The Gallery, but here they are all in one place with their write ups in case you have missed them.

Jack Powell Thorne got in touch with us this morning with some rather nice news, here's what Jack had to say "ur baits helped me catch my new Pb @23lb from Coston.

Jack was fishing #MilkOne over #Stench, alway's a deadly combo at the best of times, but at Coston, more so. He also added "can't wait to use it again", needless to say we hope that your session will see yet another Pb grace your un-hooking mate
Well done Jack 
#LetTheBaitDoTheTalking #BigFishBaits.org

John Howe is no stranger to #BigFishBaits and will often as not produce some cracking results on his trips out. 
This time around he made a 20 fish hit with these being the best of the bunch.
A good scattering of #MILK #ONE and particle with matching hook baits over the top doing the damage for John yet again!
Well dangled that man

Yes the #SpicedNut is drawing ever closer and those reports are still coming in from our team members who have been lucky enough to grab a few hours here and there on this outstanding bait and frankly I can't wait to see how well everyone who's waiting for it get's on to. Anyway here's another report in from our main page

#Team #Member Stewart D Hewitt got himself out for a quick session in between a very hectic work schedule the weekend and was rewarded with this very pretty mirror!
Again the soon to be released #spiced #nut doing the damage for our man
Well dangled Stewy!

These are great to see when they come in, Chris Bell having a ball down at a venue he hasn't been to for awhile and not only that he's armed with a bait he has never used before. He stated that Shallowbrook doesn't hold monsters, but that doesn't matter and neither should it, what does matter is how the bait performs and according to Chris it produced one of his best sessions, 6 Carp to 13lb.9 pictured below and he even winkled out a Tench too. They were all caught on a mix of #Stench and #Squilberry this time round. It's the noticeable differences in sessions that give you that buzz to try other venues with greater confidence and as Chris put it in the end of his post "Top work on the bait #BigFishBaits, keep it up .......we wouldn't have it any other way Chris

Well Dangled Fella ....... Keep us posted on your fishy exploits 

It's time for another familiar face to both this and our main page, Craig Kent is really keeping the momentum going over at Coston Day Ticket Lake, to the point where I'm thinking he's gonna catch everything that's in there. In fact he has taken a total of 22 fish that we have featured from Coston in under 8 weeks 
His latest session was tough going but he still managed to take these two mirrors.....22.10lb and 17.03lb
Again Craig put his faith in the #STENCH and again it didn't fail him! 😉
Well dangled bud

Spending time on the bank is one thing, having fish while spending that time on the bank is something else entirely and the smiles say it all. Once again the baits doing what they do for many giving them great sessions and a real buzz for the next trip out.
A session over at Taswood lakes for Emma Palgrave and Leigh Abbott proved successful with them taking a number of fish including a new pb for Emma at 19lb......that first 20 won't be long I'm sure!
All fish were taken on the ever reliable #STENCH yet again!
Well done to both of you

Kevin Humphrey has been back out on his local water and again is getting amongst the fish!
Again the #STENCH doing the business for big Kev 😉
Well dangled bud

#TeamMember Dean Addison has just returned from another productive trip although in his own words "It was hard going".
His catch included a 24lb Common, and two Mirrors, one at 14lb 8 and the other just a tad over 15lb. 
All the fish fell to a trimmed down #SpicedNut Yellow #PopUp fished over a good spread of matching bottom baits

Well done Deano, #LetTheBaitDoTheTalking #SpiceUpYaLife #ItsOnItsWay