It's That Man Again

#PROMO #TEAM #MEMBER Karl Chapman has been back out and at em again recently, here's what Karl had to tell us......

Bank holiday success! As I had a few days to play with thought I would take a different approach/ and feed them and sit on the baited areas! First cast nice 18.2 mirror 🎣 game on, "feed them and the will come", they kept coming at a nice steady rate only managed to get a pic of the 3 bigger fish 2 doubles also visited the landing net but for a very short period as it was chucking it down. biggest was 22.2 common. Happy with this result as I was struggling on my last visit! again # bigfishbaits doing the business. This time #c4 #milky #squilburry #xs . They Just couldn't resist them.

Keep racking em up mate 😉