Friends of BFB or Team Members, the Result is the Same

Well, we are fast approaching the end of March and like the months before it's still been hard going, what with the weather being a little here there and everywhere. But fish have come, when others have failed and our baits have also out fished two well-known and well-used baits and no we aren't going to mention any names. It's always good to know that without a shed load of hype and large budgets for advertising, that a small Norfolk-based company can out fish baits that most will be drawn to, this may seem like a bold statement, but it's a fact.
The introduction of the #BaitBoosters has been a real boon for some of our bait users and promo members alike and the fish have also fallen to all the baits right across the range. #MilkOne and #Stench have stood out, but so have #C4, #SC4 and #Tropical, rest assured that you will be hearing something about one or more of our baits as we progress through the season.

Lewis Brighton has been back out on the banks again and managed another 3/4 fish with this being the pick of the bunch for him!
Again the #MILK #ONE doing the damage when others around him were scratching for bites!
Well dangled bud
Also #TEAM #MEMBER Matt Wood took a trip out with a few mates and after losing the first fish he hooked he didn't make the same mistake with the second!
Fishing a #SC4 #wafter over a spread of #MILK #ONE doing the trick!
Well in Matt