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#Promo #Team #Member Garrie Lee Fowler¬†got himself out for a couple of quick day sessions at the start of the week, he didn't do too bad at all ūüėČGarrie tells the days events.....
Monday the 13th of March 2017. The wind was blowing across the lake as it had been the last time I was there at Winters, back around the 5th of March. So with that in mind, I went into the same swim I have fished and caught from before and was up and running by 8.50am. The day pushed on and only one fish jumped, it wasn't out of my range it was just in an area that is choked with milfoil, so I thought it more prudent to leave well alone. It wasn't till around 1oclock that one jumped in my favourite margin spot on my bank so without hesitating I jumped into the swim and put a bag of crushed #MilkOne and   #Squilberry out and sat back. About another hour went by and I got two sharp bangs on the left margin rod. I waited and then slackened the line back off and went to sit back down. It must have been about 30 seconds and the rod was off and the result a 20lb 14oz Common. The next day I went back to fish the same swim, but it was only a fish jumping in the other bay that made my mind up on where to set up. I put the left rod to the reed line and the other out to the right, more toward the corner. The left rod got some serious hit's within 20mins, I thought to myself there has to be a good few fish down here. Now I'm not good with pop-ups and the left-hand rod had a pop-up on it, so the fact it never went had me bringing it in and putting on a bottom bait. After two hours of waiting and seeing another fish rise, the right rod went. Well, it didn't fly it kind of crept out of the starting gate and reluctantly I hit it and was relieved that something was on the other end. The 26lb 4oz Mirror at last, after having 6 Commons out of Winters over the past few months the Mirror was a most welcomed prize. Bait used #MilkOne, #Squilberry, #BaitBoosters
I had some #MilkOne and #Tropical juiced up with the Tropical Booster, a very very light squirt on the baits from the freezer and just keep rolling them around until they had thawed completely and taken on all the liquid again. Transfer to a clean bait pot and leave until needed, they smell awesome..... and tripped up these two crackers. That's 3 fish now on the same combo from 3 different swims over 20lbs since starting back on Winters in February.   .... wicked bait