#BigFishBaits are more than just Bait #Stench #Chunk

Lee Moore is a mine of information and has a good knowledge of not only his baits but where and how to use them. Of course it's not compulsory to follow what Lee may recommend bait wise, but you could do a lot worse than to listen to a man in the know and what comes next is testament to all of the above. 

Here she is "LUCKY" at a fantastic post spawn weight of just under 46lb!

This time it was Louis Harmer that dangled this amazing fish out making it the 4th time this fish has been out on our baits in its last 5 captures in around 3 years! I think she likes the #STENCH!

Here's what Louis also had to say.....

Friday afternoon I was lucky enough to get a bite within 2 hours of arriving! This was my first time here and I don't think it could have started any better! A fish known as "LUCKY" weighing around 45.8/46Ib graced my net. Absolute CHUNK! All thanks to Lee Moore! Luckily enough the balliff was walking round as I caught the fish to confirm the weight! I've known Lee a few years but never got round to using his bait, but after seeing #STENCH #SQUILLBERRY bagging fish here, it was a no brainier! The fish was caught on a STENCH bottom bait with a STENCH white pop up on top, fished on a choddy. Completely convinced on the bait and will 100% be using it from now on! I told Lee where I was fishing and he put me bang on the spot at 13 wraps out dead ahead. Can't thank his knowledge and bait enough!


Very very well dangled mate!