Another Syndicate Carp Falls to BigFishBaits

Put the word "Syndicate" in a fishing conversation or a sentence and instantly you may well think "hard water" and of course that can sometimes be the case. But the point is, that whatever the water if a Carp doesn't want to take your bait for whatever reason, it won't take it. So when we get reports from anglers telling us they caught on our baits, we know that our bait has played its part in getting those fish heading to the spreader block. Watercraft and Bait work hand in hand, putting bait into a spot that Carp hardly frequent isn't gonna get you a lot of action, but watching and learning and even creating new areas for fish to feed on with total confidence will pay dividends.  

Paul Parden got off to a pretty quick start recently on his newly joined syndicate when he popped down for a quick night recently.

Finding a nice little feature he set about getting a bit of #MILK #ONE spread about and then dropped a couple of matching pop ups over the top!

Just before first light he got the kind of alarm call we all love and this mirror just shy of 20lb was soon wallowing in the net

Well dangled bud!