Add Them Up Addison

Like most anglers in the earlier months of 2017, particularly January, it was hard going with lakes and ponds all but closed because of the big freeze we had putting lids on our favourite haunts. Team member Dean Addison touches on that very thing at the end of his little write-up, here's what else he had to tell us about his latest outing

Just back from a 3 night at my syndicate got there bout 8pm nothing happen the first 12 hours and then out of the blue the left had rod pulled up and I was away, a 24.5 common in the sling 😄 the next 24hrs were the same as the last then the same rod off again, a 15.4 scaley mirror. The next few hours were spent having a beer and curry to help celebrate my mates birthday. On the last morning I had a pick up which resulted in 17.2 mirror and 30 mins later the other was away but the hook pulled. I put the rod straight back out there which the resulted in my 4th carp, an 18lb common, to say the least, I was buzzing as this winter had been a cruel one all carp were caught over a good spread of #stench and a #milkone pop up amongst it #bigfishbaits#stench#milkone#letthebaitdothetalking