A Quick Round-Up of March 2018

Catch Report for March 2018

It's almost the bank holiday weekend and with that in mind I thought I would do this months round up a little earlier.
So where do I begin, we all know that March was an absolute dog on the weather front, but it never stopped a good few of you getting out once again and give the fish something to think about.
It was a month of ups and downs for us here at BigFishBaits, on the one hand we were down on fish caught for march from 72 in 2017 to 54 in 2018. It looks pants when you put it like that, but given most lakes were either frozen or snow stopped you guys getting out in the first place, overall, that is a dam good figure.
It makes better reading when you look it from a different angle, for the month it may well have been down, but from fish caught since Jan 1st 2018, we are up on last year with 120, against 116 for the same period, so although we are down for this particular month, overall we are up for the year so far, so well done one and all.

The start of the month saw Team Member Cliff Fiske continue his run of great catches with 3 more fish to 18lb.13oz using our #CSL #Liver and #HempOil to great effect along side #MilkOne and #SpicedNut.
Consultant Chris Clare also continued his great form with 3 more Carp to 21lb using a selection of our additives and #Stench #PopUps 15mm Yellow
Lee Moore kept his catch rate going with 2 mid doubles falling to #MilkOne and SpicedNut with a little added kick from #CSL #Liver and #Milk+
The same bait also aided Team Member Dean Addison with his 18lb Common in the middle of the month and finally for the team, Consultant Matthew Roberts nailed an absolute minter Common on a NEW #Testbait (The release video we have included in this months report).

Karl Last was back again with a mid double Mirror on #MilkOne, the same worked well for Adam Smith who took 3. 
Then we started getting a little fishy as reports started coming in on captures to the #Stench and #Squilberry. Mark O Sullivan had 4 using #Stench and #SpicedNut, Dave Wolstenholm had 2 fish to 22lb 4oz on MilkOne and SpicedNut, with Paul Pardon off the mark with a lovely mid double on MilkOne too.

Again this isn't a competition it's a run down of the month and this month belongs to Mark Blackwell and brother Gary (and friend Dan ) who in just 2 trips nailed 27 Carp up to 17lb whilst using the Stench and Squilberry they got during our Spring Deal. A brilliant bit of angling from the lads there and well worth a mention for this round-up. 

Indeed well done everyone who was mentioned for this month, it's been hard going out there and you all came up trumps.

#LetTheBaitDoTheTalking #TestBait #MonthlyRoundUp