A Quick Round-Up of February 2018

February Round-up

You may well be thinking "hang on February isn't over yet" and of course you would be right. But with a day to go and given the current weather conditions out there I thought we may as well do it now, but of course we never really say never here when it comes to captures.
We had a total of 36 fish for this month and as already mentioned given the sporadic nature of the weather this was a outstanding result. 24 fish last year in much milder weather, even though it was cold and a 12 fish increase this year in temperatures as low as -4+, so a hell of a lot colder but more fish landed.
We started the month with David Hurman taking a 5 fish hit to our #SpicedNut and that was followed up by Joe Wones and his capture of a cracking 23lb Mirror also to the same bait. 
Dan Roberts and Karl Last managed a couple each, Dan with #MilkOneand Karl on a mix of MilkOne and SpicedNut. And it was also the SpicedNut again that saw another of our angling friends Ricky White bag a 22lb+ Mirror at Coston.
The Team Members did really well to, captures came from Billy Fisher, Matt Witte, Dean Addison and Lee Moore who has been keeping his average well alive with a 4 fish hit. All the above caught using MilkOne, SpicedNut or a combo of both as well as matching #PopUps and some of the #NewProducts in some cases.
Now this isn't a competition and this is purely a look back over the past month, but this month belongs to one Team Member and that's Chris Clare. You have undoubtedly seen the report which was posted on the 18th of Feb, where Chris had no less than 12 Carp from the DreamCatcher Complex in France. He literally smashed the lake (Literally) so he could get lines into the water and even though the sun was shinning in some of his pictures it was still very very cold. 3 high doubles and 9 fish from 20lb.2oz to 29lb.14oz, one hell of a result. Chris fished a combo of MilkOne and NewProducts with most fish falling for the Yellow #Stench #PopUps and White #MilkOne #PopUps,outstanding bit of fishing.

So well done all that were mentioned in this months round-up and with Spring on the doorstep we can only hope things will pick up even more as we continue toward Summer.