A Quick Round-Up of April 2018

Round-Up for April - The Numbers ( which also includes outstanding catch reports yet to be published) . Tomorrow we will do a roll call for those who caught in April.

3 months ago it was hard to believe that fish were ever going to get caught. If you could get to a lake through the snow the chances are it had a lid on it, in some cases you were lucky to get out your front door, let alone down the road to go fishing.
Taking this into consideration it was a real surprise that fish were being caught and in greater numbers than the previous year. For example and my apologies if I'm covering old ground here but we had the following happen.

Jan 2017, 20 fish caught 
Feb 2017, 24 fish caught
Mar 2017, 72 fish caught
April 2017, 91 fish caught

As you can see a nice progression in catches, all be it a huge jump from Feb to March. This was pretty much the picture for the whole year, catches went up and then eased down toward the end of the year, which again makes perfect sense and is to be expected

Then we entered into 2018 and even with snow covering the country, this happened

Jan 2018, 35 fish caught
Feb 2018, 35 fish caught
March 2018, 54 fish caught, given we still had some snow on the ground by mid March, the 18th to be precise, a lower number was to be expected for the month, but still good going never the less.

Now this is where it got really interesting. April last year saw the 91 captures, this year has seen no less than 174 fish caught, by team members and our faithful bait users, outstanding. But it gets even better. If you take the totals for all the fish caught in 2017 up to the end of May, yes that's right, May, you get a total of 255
The total for the amount of fish caught for the end of April 2018 is 298
So in short we have surpassed the total for the year already in April by 43 fish, before we have even got to the month of May....... incredible.
But what does it all mean ?. Well the introduction of #SpicedNut has played a major roll in captures as we have stated on numerous occasions and this bait along with our newer releases like the #Pellets, #LiquidFoods, #BaitOilsand #Powders have also had a dramatic effect on the amount of fish caught among our Team Members and fishing friends who use our baits. If I had kept a more detailed record last year I could have been more concise, but it's a huge difference compared to last year with multiple captures common place.

#SpicedNut alone in April caught 70 Carp, 34 of those with matching #PopUps, 4 with #CSL and #Milk+ powder, with 21 caught when used with #HempOil and 8 with #Krill and #Liver. 
You could also a shift in baits being used in April as a good few moved over to fish meals as things started to warm up a little. #MilkOne was used along side #Stench, #Squilberry and of course #SpicedNut, it was a pairing that dominated April with 20 captures, 8 of those using #SpicedNut #PopUps and 2 more captures using #SpicedNut and #Squilberry. As we have said before we don't tell you how to fish and what bait combinations will work, we leave that up to you.

The #CSL Liquid has also been showing it's worth with 16 fish coming to baits either gluged in it or used in a mix of some kind. There has also been 6 fish coming to baits that have been used with #Milk+ and #GLM Powder as a coating on baits with #CSL. Again all these numbers don't reflect how our baits perform, it's all about who's doing what with what bait and how it works for those individuals.

The #TestBait has made a few appearances again during April, 24 fish caught on it, including a PB Common of 30lb.4. The #TestBait has also been used with #LiverLiquid and #SalmonOil to great effect. Of course this isn't available to your good selves as yet and it might be awhile before that is the case, but some of the Team have been using it and it's catching wherever they are taking it and I'm sure there will be many reports to come in the months ahead, this one is one to watch.

What's come out so far this year

So far this year there have been 44 20's caught in the UK up to 29.12 with four of those being 29lbs, four at 28lbs+ and the rest from 20 to 27lbs+ 
To that we can add a further 11 20's caught in France to 29.14.
We move up the board now to the 30's of which there have been 4 to 35.12 and two of those were PB's at 30lb.4 and 35lbs
Back to France where we had two 30's at 34.8 and 36.4 as well as two 40's at 41 and 46.12.

All the remaining fish caught since Jan 1st 2018 start from the lowest of 6lbs and go to 19lbs

So all told, even though we looked at what's happened so far this year April has been outstanding and we have plenty more in the tank. Who knows what May will bring, we will see at the end of that month. 
I hope you found this information useful and informative.

From all the Team, tight Lines one and all and thank you for choosing and using #BigFishBaits

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