A Quick Round-Up for September 2020

Posted a little later than advertised lol
In the grand scheme of things September wasn't a bad month at all for more great captures. Whilst we may not have passed 2019's total we did pass the average of 2017 and 2018 with their totals being 95 and this year we went to 104. We of course have lost a great deal of trips away by your good selves and compared to last year we are down by a logged 108 captures from overseas. So I really do think that had we not been going through what we are going through we could well have seen another rise in captures yet again.
This month was dominated by #TeamMembers using the #OP #OceanProtein as well as a few captures by those who had the chance to try it for themselves, either by taking it overseas or by winning some in one of our Lotto Draws
Most notably was Ally McKenna who took 23 fish to 49lb during his trip to France.
We also had another Pb broken for Adam Ault, a Common going 30.2 on a mix of #Squilberry and #Stench.
Other baits being used out there during September were #MilkOne, #SpicedNut, #BNutta and of course #Beast.
Often as not we find that many will use combo's so again the combinations also make up a good many captures, this month being #MilkOne and #SpicedNut as a clear favourite.
Well there isn't much more to add really, the weather is on the turn now and we are moving into that area where bait flavours could well make a change for many of you. We have something coming which I'm sure will be a winter hit, so keep your eyes peeled for that.
Again thank you all for your continued support for our pages and of course the baits, your feed back and pictures that you continue to send.
Here we go again .... let's see what October has in store for us .....Tight lines from all at #BigFishBaits