A Quick Round-Up for September 2018

The weather may have been a little here and there and the night time temperatures have been dropping, but September has still been a great month for captures. 
There is also an even more noticeable change in the baits being used in the past two months, yes there are still a few on the fish meals, but the #MilkOne and #SpicedNut are coming into their own.
The use of fish meals is starting to drop, this is to be expected, but again this only due to what we see on the catch reports and we only ever recommend what bait to use, we never insist what bait should be used at any given time of the year, so really it's our bait users that show these bait changing trends.

To the numbers then.

We had 40 fish from Mid to high Doubles the biggest going 19.12 which featured in Joe Turell's report.

39 - 20's / 17 caught in France the biggest was from Carl Hales report which went 29
The other 22 were U.K captures the biggest here was caught by Stephen Pratt a Mirror at 29 also.

Into the 30's now and there were 11 30's caught in September with 9 coming from France again, the biggest again from Carl Hales at 38.
We had 2 U.K. 30's a 30.2 for Jason Bennett and one I'm sure you have all read about Lee Moore's NEW UK PB at a very respectable 36.9.
2 more 40's bang on the nose from Carl Hales again
1-50 from France care of Lewis Mower which went 54 and finally for the weights section Joe Turell's 60.2 Mirror also from overseas.

Now that little lot should add up to 95 captures for September, which coincidently was the same amount caught this time last year in 2017.

We also had 4 PB's in this month which now makes 21 for the year so far.

Front runners for the baits being used the most in September are mainly combos:
#MilkOne and #Squilberry with 37 fish caught, 4 of the 37 with the inclusion of #Beast.
13 fell to a MilkOne and #SpicedNut combo.
8 for #Beast with an additional 4 when used with #MilkOne for a total of 12
13 fish also kept the tally going for #SpicedNut out on it's own.
And lastly #Stench had 10 out on its own, with 3 more alongside #Beast.
The remaining 5 using different combos of the above and 2 which Lee was using alongside #Beast .....see his report for details.

And that is pretty much that, as if that weren't enough.
Once again we hope you find this information informative and insightful. It is here so you can see the ever changing pattern in bait use from our Team Members and our Bait Users. We do know that a lot of you are reading these and our catch reports and acting on the info you get from them. 
We will do our role call later today. And roll on October ....who knows what will be next !!

Thank you for making us your choice for the bait you use #LetTheBaitDoTheTalking

Lee Moore with his end of September U.K PB - 36.9