A Quick Round-Up for September 2019

Well it has been another good month all told, even though it got a little unsettled toward the end of it, but winter is starting to reach out now, so it's to be expected.
Now your probably thinking what is the point in looking back over the past month, what is the point of the round up at all. Well it really boils down to the baits, how well they performed for the anglers (you) and at what time's of the year they performed, all the information is there on or website in the "Catch" section so anyone who is new to our baits can see for themselves what bait is good to go for, it's as simple as that.

So over the same period last year and the year before that 95 captures were reported on, this year it's 153.
We did have a few late entries from DreamCatchers of course, but we still managed to get past the 95 all be it by 4 captures, but again it goes to show that seasonally we hold our own and for the past 3 years the numbers have held a good average.

All the baits performing well #Beast, #StenchandBeast, #SpicedNut, #StenchMilkOne #Squilberry

So for this month we had the following caught, Barbel, Chub, Cat's as well as Carp in all shapes and sizes.
108 caught in our Mid to 19lb section with the biggest going 19lb
25 fish caught in our 20 to 29lb bracket, four of those were 29lbs (1UK), 3 from overseas with 3 others to 20lbs, also from over the pond with the remaining 19 fish caught in the UK to 28lbs.
Now to our 30's section, we had no less than 18 30's logged for this month. 2 to 38 (Overseas) and 1 coming in at 38.13 ( target fish UK) for our very own Michael Peake.
8 more also came from over the pond, leaving 7 caught in the UK, 3 of those were Cat's to 38lbs and 4 Carp going up to 36.12.
In the 40's section we had a Cat going 44 and finally in the 60lb bracket we had 60's going 61.14 and 65lb on the nose.
I know that's a nightmare to read, but I hope it all made sense

And we also had 4 PB's this month and I will put them up as we go through the roll call which we will start with the #TeamMembers this time round.
Michael Peake (Target Fish 38.13 #Stench) Dean Addison, Cliff Fiske, Chris Clare, Matthew Roberts, Stuart Petty, Matt Wood, Garrie Lee Fowler, Matt Witte
And now your good selves, our bait users
Aaron Topley, Harry Tucker, Lewis Brighton, Stu Bardon, John Covell. Shane Simper, Tom Raison, Mark Spenton, Scott McGregor, Justin James Gliding (Pb 30 #Beast) David Hunt (Pb 23.13 #Beast) Gary Mackney, The Bottomley Family, Mike and Nathan, Harry, Ricky, Ryan and Josh, The Rickwood Family, Shaun Williamson (Pb 30 #Beast), Joe James Saliba, Lee Carter (Pb 30 #Beast) Stephen Pratt, Carl Hales, Tim Trapnall and Darryl Andrews (Lake Record 65lbs)

Well done one and all some great angling, New Pb's and Lake Records have made this month one to remember.