A Quick Round-Up for October 2019

You never really know how any one month will turn out, because at the end of the day it all comes down to those who get out for a few sessions or even one in some cases, that make these reports possible.
With the odd frost now making it's presence felt, we are now on a slippery slope into mid December when we officially enter into winter.
But lets get back to the here and now and look at what happened through October and to be honest it was another good month here at #BigFishBaits

Now I love a bit of "Context" for me it makes everything just a little clearer and also shines a light on what is being achieved by the baits and those who use them.
We have logged 151 captures this month (October 2019) last year (2018) it was 122, the year before that (2017) we totalled 95.
So once again a nice little increase in captures for this particular month. And to be honest, out of the 10 months we have only fallen a little short in Feb, April and August.

The break down goes like this
10 to 19lb / 112 fish which included 2 fish almost pushing into the 20 bracket at 19.15
20 to 29 / we logged 27 captures up to 28 (which was also a NEW Pb )
30 to 39 / 5 in total here, 4 from over the pond up to 36 and a U.K 30 going 32.4
40 to 49 / Well I'm sure you read about the cracking Norfolk 40 going 40lb.7 on the #BNutta. That was one of 5, the other 4 from over the pond again up to 48.8 and that was another NEW Pb.
50 to 59 now and we logged one in this weight bracket form overseas and she went 51.12
And finally in our top end section, the 70lb bracket it was a 78+ Cat getting in on the action.

Bait wise it was all the usual suspects making it happen out there, #Beast, #SpicedNut, #MilkOne and of course the #BNutta which has really hit the ground running.
It has already taken 13 20's out of the 27 we wrote about earlier and of course that U.K 40. In total since it's release it has now got 29 fish under it's belt in 24 days.

 Thanks again for your contributions to our pages and for your continued support and faith in the baits we produce 👍