A Quick Round-Up for October 2018

It's been an outstanding October.

With temperatures dropping you would think it may well slow the fishing down, but the numbers of fish being caught don't reflect that.
September ended on 95 captures for the month but with the addition of 11 late entry's it would officially be 116.
These additional numbers are only the "abroad" catches which stands at 106 and will be subtracted from the final total at the end of the year (like last year) and which point we will have the definitive amount of U.K Carp caught this year. We have past that by a country mile already and from here on in I won't disclose that number and just give you the monthly figures, but I will tell you that last years end of the year total was 1,039, minus 261 fish caught abroad for a UK total of 776, which is like catching one fish ,everyday for 2 years, with an extra 40 for good measure.

So what was working well for our Angling Friends and Team Members alike, here is how it breaks down, U.K captures only.

The tally for October 2018 was 122 against 95 from this time last year.
There have been 76 fish in our Low to 19lb range to 19.11 
41 fish in the 20+ range to 29.4 including 2 new PB's which were 23.10 and 23.6
And finally 4 30's to 31 which was also a new PB making 3 new PB's broken this month, 24 for the year so far.

The Baits

The bait being used varied as it always does.

21 fell to #Beast on it's own with a further 9 with #SpicedNut and another 9 with #SpicedNut and #MilkOne.

18 went to #SpicedNut fished on it's own with 6 used with #Stench, 5 with #MilkOne

#MilkOne caught well again with 11, 13 more with the #Squilberry

The remaining 29 captures anglers used #Squilberry, a mix of all 4 baits and #Stench.

Once again the figures around a particular bait don't reflect on the bait itself, but how and when it gets used by one or more anglers.
So that pretty much sums up this October and again it's a noticeable increase in captures from the previous year and that's what makes it worth while.

So to the roll call....... first up our angling friends who once again put their collective faith in our baits.

Liam Gowing, Nathan Bull, Ash Cawkill, Brandon Crawdron and Dylan, Steve Daymond, Andrew Jones,
Lain Green, Joe James Sliba, Aaron Topley and Friends, Gary mackney, Carl Hales, Ryan Gray, Gary Blackwell, Jason Elvin, Lenny Isaacs Mark Sedgwick, Harry Tucker, Archie Jones, Kevin Dent, David Herman Richard Herman, Leighton Ranauf Raul, Christian Lloyd, Stephen Pratt and Karl Last ............ well done lads 🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣

and finally our Team Members

Luke Roberts, Cliff Fiske, Chris Clare, Garrie Lee Fowler, Stuart Petty, Matt Witte, Dave Wolstenholme and a special mention to Paul A Brown and Dean Addison who have also caught and are awaiting their reports to go up ....... well done fella's

Who knows what November may bring ........ watch this space ...........#LetTheBaitDoTheTalking