A Quick Round-Up for November 2018

The last but one Monthly Round up for 2018, a little late to be sure, but here never the less.

Even now as I'm typing this, the sun is blasting through the window making it not feel like the end of November at all.

Of course with it getting dark really early now, even with the intervention of a bright sunny day, there is less time bank side and lets not forget a few do shut down for the winter months so the numbers reflect that, but we still manage to do a lot better than most.

A mere 76 fish caught this month, but sill up on last year by 11 fish.
14 of those were caught overseas (France)

There was also one new PB.

That figure of 76 breaks down like this

49 fish from low double to 19lb's
23 fish from 20 to 29lb's 
3 fish in the 30lb bracket, 1 from the UK at 30 on the nose and 2 from France at 38 and 38.8
and Finally 1 fish coming in at 53.8 also from France.

The use of bait varied yet again, it always does but front runners in the usage stakes were #MilkOne and of course #SpicedNut.
#Beast is still holding good form with 12 captures this month.
#Squilberry had 6 captures with a further 10 coming when paired with #SpicedNut and not far behind with 11 was #Stench with 7 and 4 more paired with #MilkOne.

Right it's time for the Roll Call ..... and we will start with the Team Members ..... Stuart Petty, Paul A Brown, Billy Fisher, Cliff Fiske, Chris Clare, Garrie Lee Fowler, Matthew Roberts, Dean Addison, Dave Wolstenholme and finally Matt Witte.
And now for our bait users for this month, they are,
Richard Floate, Paul Pardon, Leighton Ranauf Raul, Dale Payne and Son, Kevin Dent, Ryan Seeley, Patrick Foster, Paul Leaper, Gary Mackney, and Ricky Mileham (Congratulations) on the PB.

Well dangled one and all and thanks for the pictures you have sent in ....... much appropriated as always.

See you all next month and a few new faces to we hope