A Quick Round-Up for May 2019

A little late this one, but here we go 

Monthly Round-Up for May 2019

Well where do you start for the month of May.

Well I'll start from the top and see how we go, I'll even try to keep this one short and sweet.

We have logged 191 captures this month against 169 last year.
That's made up of 
114 low to high doubles to 19lb.12
40 Twenty's to 28.14 UK / 29lb France
21 Thirty's to 38 UK / 38 France
11 Forty's to 42.8 UK / 49.1 France
and finally 5 Fifty's all from France the Biggest going 54

So far this year there have been 15 pb's broken, 9 in the UK and 6 in France and 9 of those 15 have been broken this month alone, we will put the names to the numbers toward the end of this post.

Out of the 191 caught this month 134 fell to #Beast, again no real surprise there as most want to give our newest bait a go at their local water.
This doesn't include #Beast that has been used with any other bait's like #Stench, #Squilberry, #MilkOne or #SpicedNut
#SpicedNut had a good run with 20 captures, but as already stated a good deal of baits get used in combo's and all baits have been catching, but for this month those two have stuck out. 
Again we can't stress enough that these numbers are always based on angler use and not one bait being any better than another.
There are just so many variables when it comers down to it and who uses what. I will endeavour to do a better break down on the baits in next months review.

And finally to our Roll Call and we will start with those Pb's I promised at the top of this post, they are from the following.
Ricky Mileham 25.4
James Geddes 37.5
Garrie Lee Fowler 48.8 French
Joe James Solba 41.8
Stuart Petty 44, 48.11, 54 French
Jonny Hazel 52 French
Lee Moore 53 French

And thanks to all those who made May a memorable one

Shaun O Sullivan, Brandon Cawdron, Billy Fisher, Josh Marchant, Steve Bennet, Dan Roberts, John Hardie
Fabian Denny, Mark O Sullivan, Paul Leaper, Jamie Ryan, Matt Witte, Lee Blackwell, Bill Gibbons, Dean Addison, Alan Drane, Gary Mackney, Kevin Humphrey, Robbie Lindsay, Michael Peake, Ricky Hewitt, Kurt Durrant, Karl Chapman, Cliff Fiske, Jason Elvin and Richard Morley

Well done one and all thanks for all the write ups and the pictures of course........ hope to see more success though out June

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